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Tootsie out in the Wild

This blog post is a participant of The Sunday Post, a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It is a chance to share news. This post recaps the past week, showcases books and things I have received, and shares news about what is coming up for the week on my blog.

It’s release week for The Arrangement! I can’t believe this book, which started as fun little short stories several years ago is finally published and shared with the world. I’ve gotten so much support from libraries, as well as book clubs and bookstores. Amazon is being slow with enabling the Look Inside feature for the book, which is why I think ebook sales on that platform has been slow. I realize that readers want to sample the book first before they decide whether or not it’s for them. I really hope the Look Inside feature gets added soon!

I’m already busy revising book 2 of The Plainclothes Tootsie Mysteries. And Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up next month, and I will be using that time to write book 3. I can’t believe how fast these stories are coming to me. I have a long series of books planned for Tootsie, so I hope readers will stick with her till the very end.

This week has been fabulous weather. Finally, after over a year, I cranked up my motorcycle and rode through the country. I missed riding, and it’s a great way to clear my mind. Today was perfect weather to be outside. Clear skies, lots of sun, and warm.

And I’m totally dreading the time change. I hate springing forward. I hope one day the time change will be done away with for good.

This Week’s Movies

Big News movie poster
Face in the Fog movie poster
Behind Locked Doors movie poster

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