Typewriter with drink

Sunday Update – 2021.09.18

A lot has happened these past couple of weeks. I’ve been really laser focused in working on book 3. I’ve had this massive burst of motivation writing the third book in the Plainclothes Tootsie series, and I didn’t want anything…

Typewriter with drink

Sunday Update – 2021.08.22

I’ve taken a small break from my weekly movie watching for a bit, as I have been getting a little more involved in my sports activities. Fitness is therapy for me, and it’s the perfect way for me to unwind…

Typewriter with drink

Sunday Update – 2021.08.15

It was my birthday this weekend, and I spent it with a nice 3-mile run, had dinner with my family, and officially finished The Blackmail. Afterward, I immediately started revising the first chapter of book 3. I took a week…

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