M. Ravenel
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Sunday Update – 2021.08.01

This week, I attended a virtual librarian’s conference. It was really informative, and I got to connect with many librarians who were interested in my Tootsie series. I didn’t know what to expect, but I came away with a broader…

Typewriter with drink

Sunday Update – 2021.07.25

The Arrangement received another spectacular review, this time in video form from a vlogger/reviewer Robert’s Reading and Reviews. I absolutely loved his detailed review so much! He really gets into the stories of all of the books he reads. Please…

Typewriter with drink

Sunday Update – 2021.07.18

It’s such a great feeling when I can see the finish line to this book. I’m so close! I’m hoping to have this book completely done by next week, and then I will share the title, and start working on…

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