M. Ravenel
Typewriter with drink

Staying Persistent

Is it really May already? Where does the time go? I’m not letting a few setbacks keep me from pursuing my dreams. I was pleasantly surprised and elated this week to learn that The Arrangement is now in WorldCat! That…

Typewriter with drink

Sunday Update 2021.04.25

The writing has been slow this week, as I’ve been trying to give my brain a bit of a rest. I spent that time doing some networking on Clubhouse. I met a librarian on there who loved supporting indie authors…

Typewriter with drink

Done with Camp!

This week has been short and sweet. I ended up finishing Camp NaNoWriMo in a little over a week. I now have the bones in place for Book 3 of Tootsie’s story. The rest of my time has been spent…

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