M. Ravenel
The Blackmail

The Blackmail

The Plainclothes Tootsie Mysteries, book 2   “A gritty, hard-boiled mystery featuring a tough, snarky, female private eye from 1970s New York City.” Another case has fallen onto the desk of Tootsie Carter; a female detective armed with a snubnosed…

Typewriter with drink

Sunday Update – 2021.12.05

Wow! Where did the time go? These past few months have been non-stop action, from books to recreational sports, to holiday family gatherings. I successfully completed the (messy) first draft of book 4 of the Tootsie series during National Novel…

Typewriter with drink

Sunday Update – 2021.09.18

A lot has happened these past couple of weeks. I’ve been really laser focused in working on book 3. I’ve had this massive burst of motivation writing the third book in the Plainclothes Tootsie series, and I didn’t want anything…

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